killing butterflies for fun???

David Smith idleweed at
Sat Jul 6 15:22:11 EDT 2002

Hello all,
    There are many things that other people do that I do not like or that I
believe that they should not do. Guess what; They don't care what I think,
they just go on doing what they want. Would someone please explain why I
should be bothered that a tiny proportion of the population thinks that I
should not do what I am doing. Espescially when they are wrong!!
    I am continually puzzled by some of the on going year after year topics
and very seldom respond but could not keep out of this any longer.
            David Smith

----- > butterflies and moths.  There are those (and again, I'm not one of
them - I
> feel like I have to say this in order to keep this on topic) who are
> bothered that some people collect butterflies and moths for a hobby.  They
> are bothered that some people go out of their way to do so.  Asking those


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