killing butterflies for fun???

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> "collecting is a primitive urge' 
Aren't most of life's pleasures are primitive urges?  Eating, keeping warm, 
reproducing, sleeping, staking out one's turf (territory), protecting 
individuals, defending, exerting influence.  

Perhaps offending, flaming and bullying(?) are less so.  I don't get the 
correlation.  I don't know of any Orangutans, Gorillas, Apes, let alone 
Chimps in the Lep Soc.  Nor have I ever seen any of those collecting in the 
field.  Maybe the Neanderthals, Genghis Kahn, Attila the Hun, had some 
butterfly collections buried with their dead.  Have to ask archaeologists if 
they ever found any butterfly collections on any digs.  Or maybe Ken Philip 
has found evidence of collecting in Sasquash's hideaways.

As far as I can judge, respect, liberty, democracy, equality, freedom of 
choice, and the the right to pursue happiness are about as far as evolution 
managed, though the ball seems to be swinging the other way at the moment. 
Best wishes...
Doug Dawn (by the way I don't collect any Leps)
Monterrey, Mexico
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