killing butterflies for fun???

Neil Jones neil at
Mon Jul 8 13:56:20 EDT 2002

On Monday 08 July 2002 01:18 pm, you wrote:
> Neil,
> You quoted the Bible in your post to me in response to my post to those
> wretches in Mass. about the "Golden Banded Skipper"? You say that
> homosexuality is NOT immoral? Read what St. Paul say about it.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry. This kind of mindboggling bigotry is 
exactly why we are fighting a war against the Taliban! I don't think it is 
worth it, they have already conquered in some parts of the USA.

Frankly, the kindest thing I can say about your position (particularly after 
your private comments to me) is that we can see why the Dark ages are
so called. You're still living in them!

It seems that, at least in some people's eyes, the land of the free is only 
free for certain people. I have this mental image of you sitting at the 
keyboard with a white sheet over your head. 

Your are doubtless unaware of the research indicating that the kind of 
bigotted homophobia you are displaying is associated with repressed 
homosexual feelings. :-)

It is impossible to answer your argument in the _absolutely_ exact_same_way 
that you cannot answer the religious arguments of the anti-collectors. You 
are _BOTH_ the same in essence, blinded religious bigots.

Just like them it is impossible to debate issues with you. All we get in 
response is a tale full of sound and fury signifying nothing. 

Neil Jones- Neil at
"At some point I had to stand up and be counted. Who speaks for the
butterflies?" Andrew Lees - The quotation on his memorial at Crymlyn Bog
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