killing butterflies for fun???

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Take up the argument with St. Paul, not with me.

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> > You quoted the Bible in your post to me in response to my post to those
> > wretches in Mass. about the "Golden Banded Skipper"? You say that
> > homosexuality is NOT immoral? Read what St. Paul say about it.
> I don't know whether to laugh or cry. This kind of mindboggling bigotry is
> exactly why we are fighting a war against the Taliban! I don't think it is
> worth it, they have already conquered in some parts of the USA.
> Frankly, the kindest thing I can say about your position (particularly
> after 
> your private comments to me) is that we can see why the Dark ages are
> so called. You're still living in them!
> It seems that, at least in some people's eyes, the land of the free is
> only 
> free for certain people. I have this mental image of you sitting at the 
> keyboard with a white sheet over your head. 
> Your are doubtless unaware of the research indicating that the kind of 
> bigotted homophobia you are displaying is associated with repressed 
> homosexual feelings. :-)
> It is impossible to answer your argument in the _absolutely_
> exact_same_way 
> that you cannot answer the religious arguments of the anti-collectors. You
> are _BOTH_ the same in essence, blinded religious bigots.
> Just like them it is impossible to debate issues with you. All we get in 
> response is a tale full of sound and fury signifying nothing. 
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