Lord Robert May

Michael Gochfeld gochfeld at eohsi.rutgers.edu
Thu Jul 11 15:44:37 EDT 2002

Someone wrote: 

> It quoted  Lord Robert May who is, I believe, the current President of the
> Royal Society, our most prestigious scientific organisation. The article said
> that he "was not slow in rallying to the anti-philistine colours".
> quoting him as being against "fundamentalist belief systems, in both the West
> and the East, whose essence is authoritarian, seeking to suppress questioning
> and to limit people's lives."
I assume this is the former Bob May of Princeton and of Macarthur and
May fame, an ecologist with strong beliefs himself, with whom I an
others had several exciting (and unmoving arguments) about population
regulation and extinction.  He returned to Britain (Oxford or Cambridge
of course).  But perhaps it is another Robert and May.   

Meanwhile, where are the butterflies. 



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