The Monarch

Paul Cherubini monarch at
Tue Jul 9 05:28:54 EDT 2002

Bob Parcelles,Jr. wrote:

> would say?
> Looks like a bunch of confused and bewildered bugs looking for the
> trees supposed to be there.

If the trees were still there there would be no expanses of
moist ground where the butterflies could find drinking water.
Here is another view of an agricultural clearing where
monarchs find drinking water.

On arother mountain in the region called Herrada, 
a paved highway was built through the monarch forest some
year ago. The butterflies use this road clearing opportunistically
as a pathway down to drinking water holes

And guess what created the drinking water holes?
More small clear cuts.  

If conservationists could talk to the monarchs I believe they
would scold them and say : "dammit, you guys are
pretty low class critters to grab a quick drink from a clear cut.
You should learn to better appreciate pristine wilderness."

Paul Cherubini


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