Alex Grkowich's bigoted comment.

Neil Jones neil at
Wed Jul 17 15:32:00 EDT 2002

Alex Grkowich wrote

> Neil, why do you keep up this argument? Why don't you post to the group that
> which I said to you in private about the issue you keep raising? I think it
> was quite reasonable. Don't hide; post it. And let's see whether any
>responsible parents out here will not agree with me.

I am reluctant to raise this issue again, but since Alex has _directly_ 
challenged me to post his personal comments to the list don't see that I have 
a choice. I have been away for a short while and unable to respond. I hope 
that I can make this posting and then leave the subject rest.

Alex's comment is highly abusive, and I apologise in advance for any offence 
caused. Remember it  is his comment.

The comment which I find objectionable is this one.

> "Neil, this is to you personally: Do you want a homosexual man 
> indoctrinating your 8-year-old male child as his schoolteacher? If you say 
> yes, then truly
> your nuts."

It is hard to find the words to respond to such entrenched bigotry. To my 
mind it is rather like asking "would you let your daughter marry a black 

The response to this is to quote the famous saying of Martin Luther King "I 
have a dream that someday our people will be judged on the content of their 
character and not on the colour of their skin".

This kind of homophobic bigotry is just the same. It is a blind prejudice 
against a person _regardless_ of the real personal qualities that count.

Homosexuals are not paedophiles.  They don't indoctrinate children. Nobody 
indoctrinated me to be attracted to women. It is natural for me and 
instinctive. I have always been attracted to women and nobody could change 

Sadly. I know there will be people who agree with Alex. This does not mean he 
is right.

Alex, my answer to you is this. I would examine any teacher on the competence 
of his or her abilities _and_ the content of his or her character.

However, if that teacher were of such a low class of character as to display 
superstitious religious bigotry that biased him or her against Blacks, Jews, 
Gays, or any other minority I would object. I count myself fortunate to live 
in a country where the values of freedom and justice would probably
lead to any such teacher being disciplined or sacked.

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