Alex Grkowich's bigoted comment.

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Thu Jul 18 06:41:24 EDT 2002

My only observation is that, in my experience, people who force "social tolerance"
(ie. homosexuality, multiculturalism - that sort of thing) and "diversity" down
our throats are the most intolerant, close minded people I have ever met.  They
believe in diversity of skin color, religion, and sexual orientation  - but abhor
diversity of thought.

Neil Jones wrote:

> Alex Grkowich wrote
> > Neil, why do you keep up this argument? Why don't you post to the group that
> > which I said to you in private about the issue you keep raising? I think it
> > was quite reasonable. Don't hide; post it. And let's see whether any
> >responsible parents out here will not agree with me.
> I am reluctant to raise this issue again, but since Alex has _directly_
> challenged me to post his personal comments to the list don't see that I have
> a choice. I have been away for a short while and unable to respond. I hope
> that I can make this posting and then leave the subject rest.
> Alex's comment is highly abusive, and I apologise in advance for any offence
> caused. Remember it  is his comment.
> The comment which I find objectionable is this one.
> > "Neil, this is to you personally: Do you want a homosexual man
> > indoctrinating your 8-year-old male child as his schoolteacher? If you say
> > yes, then truly
> > your nuts."
> It is hard to find the words to respond to such entrenched bigotry. To my
> mind it is rather like asking "would you let your daughter marry a black
> man?"
> The response to this is to quote the famous saying of Martin Luther King "I
> have a dream that someday our people will be judged on the content of their
> character and not on the colour of their skin".
> This kind of homophobic bigotry is just the same. It is a blind prejudice
> against a person _regardless_ of the real personal qualities that count.
> Homosexuals are not paedophiles.  They don't indoctrinate children. Nobody
> indoctrinated me to be attracted to women. It is natural for me and
> instinctive. I have always been attracted to women and nobody could change
> that.
> Sadly. I know there will be people who agree with Alex. This does not mean he
> is right.
> Alex, my answer to you is this. I would examine any teacher on the competence
> of his or her abilities _and_ the content of his or her character.
> However, if that teacher were of such a low class of character as to display
> superstitious religious bigotry that biased him or her against Blacks, Jews,
> Gays, or any other minority I would object. I count myself fortunate to live
> in a country where the values of freedom and justice would probably
> lead to any such teacher being disciplined or sacked.
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