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Wed Jul 17 16:47:07 EDT 2002

Hey guys,

         Been busy and haven't been participating much in the threads.  Had 
a wonderful moth experience last night, however, that I just had to 
share.  Butterfly people will even enjoy this one.

         For those of you who know me, you know that I have gone off the 
deep end with the moths and even enjoy the "LBM's" (little brown 
moths).  And yet, there are times when the big showy saturniids still catch 
my eye -- especially when they are in numbers and involve a species I 
didn't grow up with.  Having grown up in the Kansas City area, I did not 
see the beautiful red/yellow Royal Walnut Moths (Cithoeronia regalis) alive 
until my mid-20's in southern Missouri.  Having since moved to NW Georgia, 
I now see them each year regularly, even on my back porch, which we moved 
into about two years ago.  But last night was a bit different.  I had gone 
to bed early, but for some reason woke up about 3:30 a.m., and decided that 
since I was awake, I go check the blacklight and porch lights that remain 
on at night on the back porch.  I opened the door, stared wide-eyed, and 
started counting 1 . . 2 . . 3  ........  and didn't stop until I reached 
24!  All were still there when I woke up this morning, along with one 
Imperial Moth just for show.  The weather had been dry for a little while, 
but the day before yesterday it rained hard, and last night we got just a 
little shower -- apparently this was the perfect stimulus for a nice 
emergence of adults.  By the way, all 24 were male.

         Just thought I'd share.


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