Alex Grkowich's bigoted comment.

Mark Walker MWalker at
Wed Jul 17 16:28:15 EDT 2002

Neil Jones wrote:

> Alex, my answer to you is this. I would examine any teacher on the
> competence
> of his or her abilities _and_ the content of his or her character.
> However, if that teacher were of such a low class of character as to
> display
> superstitious religious bigotry that biased him or her against Blacks,
> Jews,
> Gays, or any other minority I would object. I count myself fortunate to
> live
> in a country where the values of freedom and justice would probably
> lead to any such teacher being disciplined or sacked.

Be careful.  Your demonstrated intolerance of people of faith betrays the
otherwise politically-correct position you've assigned to yourself.

Would you tolerate your daughter marrying a fundamentalist Christian?

Mark Walker.


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