Coronado National Forest to reopne

Stan Gorodenski stanlep at
Wed Jul 17 19:28:49 EDT 2002

Is there a regulation that allows someone be legally fined $200 for
merely possessing a net (insect & fish net?)?

Doug Yanega wrote:
> >The entire Coronado National Forest in Se Arizona (Mt Graham, Madera
> >Canyon, Pena Blanca, etc) reopens tomorrow -- get those nets and generators
> >ready!
> But DO NOT let Ranger Mooseman at the Coronado National Monument
> bathroom area (at the SE end of the Huachucas) see that you have
> nets. He charges a $200 fine to anyone possessing an insect net
> there, and charges an additional $200 if you actually catch any
> insects there with it. This is how the CNM generates revenue,
> evidently. This is from personal experience, so be forewarned.
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