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Thu Jul 18 18:42:31 EDT 2002

Pat wrote:

I know what you mean. Just imagine having to spend any time at all with
Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Socrates, Gautama or Jesus! Their
tediuous insistence on tolerance just goes way beyond what anyone should
have to take.

Jesus was forgiving yes, tolerant no.  He claimed to be the _only_ way,
truth, and life.  He also stated to his fellow Jews (and the world) in John
8:24 that unless one believed that he was God they would "die in their
sins" - go to hell.  He went even further in that section by saying in
verse 47 that if anyone is truly of God they will hear (believe and follow)
his treachings, and that those who do not, thereby demonstrate that they
not of God.   Not preaching here just setting the record straight.  Jesus
was either a liar, a lunatic, or who he said he was.  He was a fanatic.
Which is why the religious and political power-that-be of his day put him
to death.

Now, if someone stated that Jesus never addressed homosexuality directly
(pro or con) they would be correct.  He did so only indirectly by
references to the Mosaic law, which was, to say the least, not kind
(tolerant) to that activity.

As a leps list we all know this thread is way off topic, but one thing
lacking in these responses is homosexual input of those of this
orientation, drives, and fetishes.   So far all I have seen are
heterosexuals  talking about it.  Now, I am not saying this should continue
here.  I think it has gone far enough.  I am saying that to adequately
address this subject matter it would take a whole lot of space and posting
by folks who _are_ AND _have been_ in that lifestyle.  As tempted as I am
to solicit more on
this I suggest we all just let it go.  Find another list serve for this one
(and not TILS-leps-talk :-).

 Ron Gatrelle


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