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A few years ago, I went on a pelagic birding trip off the coast of
Massachusetts, US.  The month was October.  The boat brought us out to an
area known as Hydrographer's Canyon - about one hundred miles out on the
Atlantic.  Hammerhead sharks rode the Gulf Stream and Sperm Whales breached
its surface.  Amazing sites, though upstaged by two Monarchs winging their
way across the briny - 100 miles from land!

Apparently, Monarch's have the ability to rest - briefly - on water and then
alight again.  They have to leave the surface before their wings become

Amazing bugs, those Monarchs..

John Himmelman

John Himmelman
Killingworth, CT
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Hi all!

Just wanted to remark about my sighting of a couple of "pelagic" monarchs
heading east towards Michigan across the lake....

I took a lovely boat ride on Lake Michigan during my lunch hour (one of
the best perks afforded by my employment), and saw two monarchs in
different spots, flying across the water about a mile off shore.  There
were no prevailing winds, and both individuals were heading due east
before I lost sight of them.

So where were they going and why?!

M.B. Prondzinski

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