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Ron Gatrelle gatrelle at tils-ttr.org
Wed Jul 24 05:39:03 EDT 2002

*The SC-NABN http://tils-ttr.org/lepnames.html is being expanded and
updated frequently.

*The TILS web site has averaged 828 hits per day for this month.  That is
almost double the traffic we had last year at the same time.

*Our TILS-leps-talk list serve remains pretty active with 151 members and
208 posts so far this month.  (Comparison:  In this same time period there
has been only 8 posts at the Southwest Leps list serve which has almost as
many members as leps talk; there has been about 140 posts here at Leps-l
which has twice as many members as Leps-talk.)  Here is one recent
Leps-talk post.

"To all who contributed to the thread,
   I have followed with great interest the long thread that really began
with Terry posting some of his photos (i.e. three Crescents) one of which
was a Silvery Checkerspot. This led to a discussion of "ismeria" and the
correct nomenclature for Silvery Checkerspot which led to a discussion of
subspecies which led to "populations vs. subspecies" which led to a
discussion of which characters can be most useful in delimiting a
subspecies or species which led to a discussion of the "value" of a
specific or subspecific circumscription which led (as it always does) to a
discussion of lumpers and splitters which led to the relevance of DNA data
or a molecular phylogeny which led to a discussion of the Mechanics of
Lepidopteran Taxonomy which led to the Philosophy of Taxonomy which led to
a review of Lynn Margulis' and her son Dorians' book expounding a theory of
evolution that stresses cooperation and symbiosis rather than competition
as the central force in evolution which led to a very interesting
definition of species as a population that maintains genetic integrity even
while exchanging genes. Wow! This has been great.  This is why I belong to
this list. I'm not trained in either Systematics or Taxonomy but the level
of discussion has been so articulate and intelligent that I was able to
follow along and enjoy the ride.  Kind of like watching a really good
intellectual tennis match, ideas served back and forth, an occational spike
and once in awhile a sneaky lob, all in all a great example of how good a
listserve can be.  Thanks to all."
                                 B. Y.

The main participants in the thread were
Kurt Johnson
Michael Gochfeld
Felix Sperling
Ron Gatrelle
Bob Parcelles

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