Monarch situation in Mexico is NOT dire.

Paul Cherubini monarch at
Sun Mar 3 15:13:48 EST 2002

I just returned from the overwintering sites in Mexico where I took
pictures of the tens of millions of monarchs still alive.  In fact,
according to Eligio Garcia, the biologist in charge of monitoring
the colonies, there are more monarchs alive in Mexico right now 
than last year at the same time.  Here are some pictures (about 280k 
in size)

Telephoto of El Rosario colony Feb. 22, 2002
Orange band through lower center of photo are millions
of monarchs covering the trees.
Small part of Chincua colony Feb. 24, 2002

Monarchs filled the air around us and landed on us
at the Chincua colony Feb.24, 2002

Paul Cherubini
Placerville, Calif.


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