Monarch situation in Mexico is NOT dire.

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Sun Mar 3 16:43:19 EST 2002

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> I just returned from the overwintering sites in Mexico where I took
> pictures of the tens of millions of monarchs still alive.  In fact,
> according to Eligio Garcia, the biologist in charge of monitoring
> the colonies, there are more monarchs alive in Mexico right now
> than last year at the same time.  Here are some pictures (about 280k
> in size)
> Telephoto of El Rosario colony Feb. 22, 2002
> Orange band through lower center of photo are millions
> of monarchs covering the trees.
> Small part of Chincua colony Feb. 24, 2002
> Monarchs filled the air around us and landed on us
> at the Chincua colony Feb.24, 2002

Hi Paul - The link you furnished:

Is a spectacular picture!  Thanks for sharing that.



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