trapping experiments

kimmo keinänen kim.kei at
Sun Mar 3 18:24:35 EST 2002

Been testing and working to develop a little more
effective ways to get moths with bait-traps and using
ethyl acetate in wax form in UV-light traps. This is
one method  I used season 2001 in Finland doing
a study of a local fauna.

Those interested check the following links :

I've used this method with two 10x12 cm boxes of ethyl acetate
wax ,covered with canvas to prevent specimen from getting in touch
with the wax, in a 10 liter UV-light trap container.

In bait-traps I'm going to use an electrical device that works with
three LR6 AA   alkaline batteries  1,5 V,  giving the bait vibrations
in a ratio OFF  512 seconds , ON 4 seconds.

The drawing of the device at :

Sorry to say that the "building instructions" are thus far only in
Finnish, but those with some understanding of electronic circuits
can understand how it's done looking at the drawing.

The circuit is placed in some small plastic container, and to make
it water resistand for the field, you can mould it into paraffin.

There are no commercial interest here. Just some inventions for
the lepsters to work with.

If You have questions, I'll try to answer them in the frame of time
I have.


kimmo  k


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