Papilio machaon aliaska

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> The only evidence cited in favor of elevating aliaska is contained in
> Eitschberger (1993, Atalanta 24: 15-32), which is a description
> (written in German - which I do read) of egg microsculpture variation
> in the P. machaon complex. Nonetheless, Pavulaan's notes accompanying
> the TILS list state that "Various studies have demonstrated that
> machaon is limited to the Palearctic region."  This is a gross
> misstatement. One study is not various studies.

> Despite the fact that only there were only 3 short pages that needed
> to be read in Eitschberger (1993), I get the impression that Pavulaan
> has not actually read the paper himself either. If he is unable to
> read German, then he should admit it and say so in his notes. It is
> misleading to do otherwise, just as it is misleading to state that
> "various studies" have supported something when it is really a single
> study.

There are lots of taxonomic issues mentioned in Felix's post.  Others can
address them.  This injection of mine here is just a simple comment
unrelated to the specific taxonomic issues.  Harry came here from Germany
and has thus conversed in German for much of his life.  I understand he
needs some help with technical aspects of German scientific terms.  Because
I do a lot of work with Harry and Dr. David Wright I happen to be aware
that between the two of them they are quite multilingual - including
German, Russian, and Latin.



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