Papilio machaon aliaska

Jaakko Kullberg jaakko.kullberg at
Mon Mar 4 15:47:38 EST 2002

Well, yeah it is great that few P. machaon females e.g. in Sahara and Alaska
laid eggs with different kind of  surface. So is the human skin somewhat
different here and there...

I wonder how anybody can think that such very mobile insect as P. machaon
would be happily different species in the palearctic and nearctic sides. P.
machaon is atleast on our side of Beringia a total bullshit species
hilltopping in numbers in every mountain top and you can be sure that P.
machaon migrates yearly to Alaska - so you can add back in the list. Of
course there can be more species included somewhere, but the mentioned egg
story in the unrefereed (?) series (published by Eitschberger) is not the
best way to do the thing. P. alexanor and hospiton are good old species,
saharae I don't know - atleast the latter is very similar to machaon.

With "holy anger",

BTW: Of course there is 100% Papilio machaon from Alaska in our collection -
now it is again reported from N.A. :-)


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