Pacific Slope meeting

Kelly Richers kerichers at
Mon Mar 4 11:15:48 EST 2002

Hey everyone-The Pacific Slope meeting will be July 5-6-7 at Camp KEEP in the Tulare County CA west slope Sierra Nevada.  Mailings will be sent out within 2 weeks, when the special butterfly stamps I ordered get here!

>>> "Erik Runquist" <erunquist at> 03/03/02 08:13PM >>>
Hi Lepsters,
  Does anyone out there in lepland know exactly when the Pacific Slope Lep 
meeting is? I've heard that its apparently the 2d weekend in July, but need 
firm dates.  Any other info (base of operation, etc) anybody could pass on 
would be much appreciated as well.  I'm teaching lep classes near then and 
am really hoping that they do not conflict.
  Thanks in advance,
Erik Runquist

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