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Butterfly Proclaimed Symbol of Third Millennium
Universal Declaration of Human Rights Gaining Awareness

After the bombing of the World Trade Center in New York, the Pentagon
in Washington DC, and the downing of a commercial airline in
Pennsylvania, people are beginning to seek a different picture,
another image if you will, a symbol of peace for this, the Third

Science has revealed the butterfly as a symbol tracing through all
ancient family histories. In mathematics, the moment of revelation was
the 22nd of May, 1998 when during a span of twenty-five minutes a
'Butterfly Nebula' appeared.

In the last 5 years, mass butterfly releases have attracted tens of
thousands of people to stadiums, fields, and convention centers around
the country to witness a vision of peace, love, and friendship. The
idea is to educate the public on the plight of local butterflies by
reintroducing local indigenous herbs and such back into the community.

"In Florida we are encouraging everyone to help in the project by
planting a butterfly friendly plant on March 20th", stated Anne
Kilmer, Viceroy, of the International Butterfly Coalition. Neil Jones,
a leader among the Butterfly Conservation Society also agrees with Ms.
Kilmer. Everyone can get involved and turn a portion of their yard
into a mini-sanctuary for people and butterflies alike.

One of the goals of the coalition is to bring peace and unity to help
restore one of our worlds most beautiful creatures. The concept is to
have the project decentralized so everyone can become part of the

A short poem associated with the vision is titled: Easter by Joyce
Kilmer, killed in action - 30 July 1918 while trying to locate hostile
machine-gun fire in the woods of the Burned Bridge, on the Oureq.

For generations the butterfly has symbolized rebirth and renewal, the
flight of the soul, and the ability to bring dreams to reality. Native
Indian Legend states "If you desire a wish to come true - touch a
butterfly, speak your vision, release it - and wait for the butterfly
to return."

We believe that from this day forward that 9/11 can be hereafter
referred to as the 'Day of the Butterfly - Day of the Hero'.

It is time to 'Change the Future'. We are 'United in Thought' and
believe that future problems can be solved by active participation
from all parties.

2002 -- Dates of Remembrance

Islamic New Year
15 March 2002
Muslims and People of Islam - Be ready to begin the New Year with the
task of distributing butterfly plants. Clergy are asked to speak
blessings on the butterflies.

Celebration of Spring
20 Mar 2002
Native peoples around the world are being asked to place a plant in
the ground for a butterfly. Local nurseries and home improvement
centers will have the plants in stock.

Easter Sunday
1 Mar 2002
Catholics, Protestants, and Independents alike! People of all faiths
and beliefs are encouraged to bring three butterfly friendly plants to
your place of worship on Easter Morning. One to plant, one to share,
and one to take home. Clergy are encouraged to speak blessings on the

Billy Graham
Christian Broadcasting Network
Lutheran Brotherhood
Southern Baptist Convention
The Vatican
Trinity Broadcasting Network

Holocaust Days of Remembrance
7 April 2002 thru 14 April 2002
Members of the Jewish community can honor the memory of the Holocaust
by planting a butterfly plant in the name of their ancestors. Rabbis
are encouraged to speak a special blessing to the vision of

Oklahoma Remembered
19 April 2002
Remember this day by planting a butterfly shrub in the name of a

Earth Day
22 April 2002
Help a butterfly on Earth Day and plant a butterfly bush.

Arbor Day
26 April 2002
Since 1872, the last Friday in April has been dedicated 'Arbor Day'.
Communities are asked to celebrate Arbor Day by planting a tree that
is friendly to butterflies.

Butterfly Nebula
22 May 2002
Five-year anniversary of the 'Butterfly Nebula' celebrated by giving a
butterfly friendly plant to a loved one.

Memorial Day
30 May 2002
In honor of Memorial Day, people that have yet to sow a butterfly
plant are encouraged to do so in remembrance of the fallen.

19 June 2002
Juneteenth is the oldest known celebration for the ending of Negro
slavery. Dating back to 1865, it was on June 19 that Union soldiers,
led by Major General Gordan Granger, landed in Galveston, Texas
declaring the news that the war is over and all slaves are now free.
Horace Johnson of Portland, Oregon hopes that children from every
culture will sow a seed for a butterfly and remember our ancestors
during the violent age of slavery.

NABA Butterfly Count
4 July 2002
This is a great project for those who are interested in counting
butterflies while at the lake, in the park or on a hike.

Labor Day
2 Sept 2002
Union members everywhere are encouraged to plant a butterfly friendly
plant in an attitude of brotherhood.

Landscape and Lepidoptera Conservation
Butterfly Conservation's International Symposium
5 September 2002 thru 8 September 2002
International Symposium organized as a series of thematic sessions and
practitioner-based workshops covering a wide range of conservation
related topics.

The Day of Awakening - International Butterfly Release
11 Sept 2002
People everywhere are encouraged to proclaim the 11th of September as
the 'Day of Awakening', the 'Time of Renewal', and the 'Spirit of the

Restoring habitat is the only method in which to increase the number
of butterflies we see flying freely in the air. Restoration of
butterfly habitat will help more people see more butterflies.

The document to be used for the awareness project is the Universal
Declaration of Human Rights, originally conceived by Eleanor Roosevelt
in 1947 after the atrocities of World War II. The Universal
Declaration of Human Rights is presently accepted and proclaimed by
members of the United Nations.

The anniversary of 9/11 can be viewed not as a day of sorrow, but
rather a new vision. A vision of 'Restoration, Recovery, and
Rebuilding'. Participants all over the world can show their support by
watching, releasing, and observing the ancient riddle of freedom, the

We must remind ourselves daily that we are all caterpillars seeking
the moment we become butterflies. Metaphorically speaking that is.

Schools, Organizations, and individuals seeking to aquire butterflies
for release are encouraged to contact the International Butterfly
Breeders Association.

By helping people become aware of butterflies, we are helping to
increase the awareness of other insect and animal species as well. We
help our own survival by catching the vision of peace and proclaiming
the freedom of a butterfly. When you imagine the butterfly must not
only grow at tremendous amounts of speed but also withstand the
elements of nature, including predators, and the like. Imagine a
caterpillar keeping his mind but changing its body in a moment of
time. The third and final phase in the cycle is the butterfly.

With mass numbers of butterflies declining, as well as monarchs being
decimated by acts of nature it is time we become participators to the
solution rather than just spectators to the problem. If a small blue
butterfly can overcome the obstacles of life, so can we as an
intellectual species with a vision!

9/11 is the day the modern world saw the pain and suffering of the
past. Let the anniversary of 9/11 become the day that we remember and
join the hands of understanding. The understanding that children need
a 'Sign of Hope'. Future generations are depending on us.

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We need everyone to get involved and influence family, friends, and
neighbors. Join with everyone and spread the word that 2002 is being
proclaimed as the 'Year of the Butterfly'.

Hans Schnauber | Senior Editor and Publisher


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