Nicaraguan Entomological Field Trips 2002

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Dear friend,

The Entomological Museum is planning some Entomological Field Trips this year. 

Nicaragua is the country with the major potential to find some new things, as the entomology has not been studied for nearly 100 years. Here is a good opportunity to explore a new country.

You can take one of the field trips, or two or all 3 as you prefer.

Last week of may : 26 may to 2 of June : Domitila Field Station near Granada, nice remnants of the Pacific dry forest of Nicaragua.
First week of June : 2 to 9 of June : Bartola Field Station on Rio San Juan at the border of Costa Rica : Very Nice Rainforest.
Second week of June : 9 to 16 of June : Greenfields Field Station near Blueffields : Coastal Rainforest.

If intested ask for more information.


Jean-Michel Maes
Museo Entomológico
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