Butterflies and Global Unity

Anne Kilmer viceroy at gate.net
Tue Mar 5 07:38:30 EST 2002

Leptraps at aol.com wrote:

> on 3/4/02 8:14 AM, Hans at webrankings at attbi.com wrote:
>>We believe that from this day forward that 9/11 can   > be hereafter referred to as the 'Day of the utterfly -> Day of the Hero'.
>>People everywhere are encouraged to proclaim the 11th > of September as the 'Day of Awakening', the 'Time of > Renewal', and the 'Spirit of the Butterfly'.
>>We must remind ourselves daily that we are all       > caterpillars seeking the moment we become butterflies.
>>9/11 is the day the modern world saw the pain         > and suffering of the past. 
> Holy cow, where did this guy come from. Gotta be California! All the best nuts come from California!
> Or maybe Washington, DC, did we elect this guy or something. He has to be a politician with these lines.
> Cheers,
> Leroy C. Koehn
> Georgetown, KY

No, actually, Hans is a good guy. Old friend and sparring partner of 
mine. He's enthusiastic about the Butterflies for Peace plan, which I'm 
hoping everyone will get involved in.
Basically, you just do what you're already doing and call it Butterflies 
for Peace.
So ... if we get everybody, worldwide, to go out and plant butterfly 
plants, watch their butterflies, share butterfly plants and knowledge 
with their friends, worldwide, and watch for the return of the migrant 
butterflies, it might be a pleasant distraction from the current angst 
and tribulation.
We've been doing war too much, the kids and I are tired of being scared 
all the time, and I thought we could just declare peace on everybody, 
and ask the butterflies to carry the message.
This is in no way a distraction from the Miami Blue project; it helps 
involve people far away from Miami Blue territory, and might even 
encourage them to seek out and foster their own little Blues.
I've been enjoying watching the leps listers as they found common cause 
in the Miami Blue project, and i thought it would be nice if people in 
other areas joined us in this joyous and peaceful enterprise. 
Butterflies for Peace; be nice to your caterpillars and you will be 
blessed with butterflies.
Anne Kilmer
Butterfly Coalition


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