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Wed Mar 6 11:22:08 EST 2002

Beholders of the buttermoths,
I was just handed a copy, courtesy of Jeff Miller, of the Geometroid 
Caterpillars of Northeastern and Appalachian Forests by Wagner, 
Ferguson, McCabe and Reardon.  Another fine piece of work published 
by the USDA-FS-FHTET.   I can tell a great deal of work went into 
this, having myself reared numbers of caterpillars at a time over 
several years.  It is the thickest of these books yet with 239 pp. 
Each species is represented by a large photo of the larva, a brief 
discussion of the larvae, hosts and biology, and a small (almost 
thumbnail) photo of the adult.  There does seem, however, to be a lot 
of wasted space per page.  It seem they could have either put two 
species per page and cut the costs or made the adult pics bigger. 
But I suppose they have their reasons.  Nonetheless, another great 
reference in the tradition of the previous volumes and some more 
outstanding photography.
Cheers,  Rich
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Plant Division
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