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Ron Gatrelle gatrelle at
Wed Mar 6 10:07:26 EST 2002

#1  We need comments/corrections on the Swallowtails/Parnassians and
Whites/Sulphurs sections of SC-NABN.  Just use the email link on the intro
page upper right.

#2  Donations are much need for the Miami Blue project.  Various media are
being prepared and printed to inform numerous groups and agencies in the
keys and Miami area of this situation.  It is our understanding that some
of the Balloon Vine host at the State Park has been cut down.  Time is
wasting - and the left hand does not seem to know what the right is doing
down there!  By law, any funds anyone gives to any US non-profit that are
specifically designated to a specific project or event -MUST- be used for
that project or event.  Donate on line at:

#3  You may or may not know that Yahoo was down for some time.  This has
delayed messages and/or set them out of order on all Yahoo groups,
including ours at  If you
sent a message and it has not shown up by this evening (Wednesday) on
TILS-leps-talk, you might want to re-send it.

Ron Gatrelle
TILS president
Charleston, SC - USA


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