California Nuts!

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Thu Mar 7 10:30:41 EST 2002

I cannot resist, this need a response. If you don't have time for a little of Leroy,s humor, delete now!!!

I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, the best location in the nation, but not for me. I married a country girl, spent some time in Vriginia and
Florida (California may have all the best nuts, but Florida attracts the worse idiots in the world, most from up new england way, or some that don't know how to vote!, which is probably a good thing if your a Republican!) and a few years in Mississippi ( Their is the arm pit of the world, Mississippi is the part that has the Hemorrhoids ). 

However, even among all those nuts in California, there are some marvelous people, especially those that are ladies and gentelmen and above all Lepidopterists!

And you thought Hans was full of BS.

Cheers, from the land of wild horses, wild women, wild cats (Kentucky Basketball for the un-educated) and handsome Lepidopterits. Oh yes, and good wiskey!!!!!

Leroy C. Koehn
Georgetown, KY (Bourbon was invented in Georgetown, by a Baptist preacher, I won't go there.)


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