California Nuts! and Monarch's Rest

Mark Walker MWalker at
Thu Mar 7 15:11:06 EST 2002

Leroy wrote:

> Georgetown, KY (Bourbon was invented in Georgetown, by a Baptist preacher,
> I won't go there.)

I always thought it amazing that in the county in Tennessee where Jack
Daniels is bottled you can't purchase (or consume?) alcohol.

By the way, if you're ever passing through Yuma, California - you MUST stop
in and visit Ian at Monarch's Rest pub and brewery (oldtown Yuma, right
across from the movie theatres).  Ian owns and runs this microbrewery and
it's out of this world (but then all of Yuma is sort of "out of THIS world",
now isn't it?), and he's a micro-lepidopterist to boot!  I guess that makes
him a micro-micro, or something like that.  In Yuma, they have microleps
that nobody has ever seen before - and they won't see them after, either,
because they're too small...  Kahuck!

Anyway, just to maintain the lep focus here - Ian will be creating a living
museum which will include a butterfly aviary right in the pub (is that
accurate Ian?).  Anyone who happens to be cruising on Interstate 8 has no
good reason NOT to stop for a short break in Yuma - especially if you're a
lepidopterist (not to mention beer aficionado).  The next time the LepSoc
meeting is scheduled for the southwest, there should be a separate field
trip scheduled just for Monarch's Rest.

Thanks for the invite, Ian.

Mark Walker


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