California Nuts! and Monarch's Rest

Stan Gorodenski stanlep at
Thu Mar 7 18:46:37 EST 2002

Oops.. Yuma's in Arizona. Its known amongst us Arizonan's that
Californias been trying to steal it for years because of the Manarch's
Rest Pub, its superb climate, stimulating culture, excellent food, etc.
(far surpassing anything big 'C' has!), but, nope, it belongs to
Arizona. What an idyllic town. The dream place to live.

> By the way, if you're ever passing through Yuma, California - you MUST stop
> in and visit Ian at Monarch's Rest pub and brewery (oldtown Yuma, right
> across from the movie theatres).  Ian owns and runs this microbrewery and
> it's out of this world (but then all of Yuma is sort of "out of THIS world",
> now isn't it?), and he's a micro-lepidopterist to boot!  I guess that makes


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