Fort Hood, Texas

Ryan rvandermoor at
Sun Mar 10 14:23:54 EST 2002

Hey there Lepsters
Im going to be in Fort Hood, Texas somewhere around may 5-11
for a bit of a butterfly round-up.  Want to compile a list of species
found on the Fort as well collect. I was wondering if anyone has
any comments on the Fort for me. I'd be interested in knowing:

If anyone has collected there?
If anyone has a species list they'd be willing to pass onto me? (for either
butterflies or moths)
If anyone knows what early may is like in regards to collecting for both
butterflies and moths, and what the peak times for both are?
If anyone has any additional information, pictures, comments or suggestions
they would like to share with me.

Thanks for the help!

Ryan Vandermoor
Vancouver, British Columbia
rvandermoor at


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