Once a year mowing

Michael Gochfeld gochfeld at eohsi.rutgers.edu
Tue Mar 12 15:50:36 EST 2002

Whethere Monarchs are in trouble or not, getting once-a-year mowing is very
helpful. It doesn't completely keep out Rubus or Rosa, but it does preserve
meadows and old fields.  November (at least in the Northeast) is probably a
good time, and a high place will leave enough plants and litter to protect many
species that require such.  It's not the perfect solution but would be great
progress compared to mid-summer mowing.  Park people seem to have the hardest
time with this concept and like to mow in late June to create nice lawns for
summer picnics.   MGochfeld

Randy Emmitt wrote:

> Folks,
> For the first time I think I agree with Paul that Monarchs aren`t in any
> danger. What I would recommend to help them would be very simple. There`s
> thousands of acres of Common Milkweed growing in fields all over the
> country (or other milkweeds) simply ask the land owners of fields not being
> used for planting to only mow  their fields once a year in the late fall.
> Mowing once a year will keep back the sapling trees just the same. So many
> wild flowers are over mowed it makes me sick.
> Maybe someone could come up with some kind of notice to place on fence
> posts or telephone poles to get these ignorant people informed on what they
> have? I`d be happy to post it for download at the
> carolinabutterflysociety.org web site for download. I`d also be willing to
> post any articles anyone would be willing to write on mowing/management of
> fields for butterflies at the web site.
>   I had up until last summer a 1/2 mile long roadside (powerline easement)
> full of wildflowers and full of butterflies finding 30 species was the
> normal when walking it and just down the road from me. Now the land owner
> is selling the property and is mowing this easement regularly so the land
> looks better.What a waste of time, energy and gasoline and I`m sure this
> guy has no clue what he has there!
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