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Ron Gatrelle gatrelle at tils-ttr.org
Wed Mar 13 12:17:37 EST 2002

OOPs  It would help if I had mentioned the main point....  The male
philodice is a white one.  RG

In Comstock (Bflies of Calif.) on plate 42 there are two aberrations. One a
virginiensis that may be like yours - ab. ahwashtee.  There is one of
cardui called ab.elymi.  Back in 1967 I collected a V. cardui ab. elymi in
San Diego.   My  prizes are two aberrant Colias.  They were colleted just a
month apart.  One is a fresh male of Colias philodice I found near my folks
home in Defiance, Shelby Co. Iowa on July 17, 1966 .  The other a fresh
almost all black male of C. eurytheme in a cow pasture at my Grandparents
farm June 12, 1966 Harden Co, Iowa.
Ron Gatrelle


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