Sphingidae information requested: Rhode Island

William Oehlke oehlkew at islandtelecom.com
Thu Mar 14 19:09:06 EST 2002

Hi All,

I've compared the USGS lists for Sphingidae from Massachusetts and Connecticut with the list for Rhode Island.

There are many species listed for Connecticut and/or Massachusetts that are not listed for Rhode Island.

Please let me know which of the following Sphingidae you have seen in Rhode Island.


Do you know of anyone else from Rhode Island that might be able to help??

Agrius cingulata
Ceratomia amyntor
Ceratomia catalpae
Ceratomia undulosa
Dolba hyloeus
Manduca jasminearum
Manduca quinquemaculata
Paratrea plebeja
Sphinx canadensis
Sphinx chersis
Sphinx eremitus
Sphinx kalmiae
Sphinx luscitiosa
Sphinx poecila

Amorpha juglandis
Pachysphinx modesta
Paonias astylus
Paonias myops
Smerinthus cerisyi

Erinnyis alope
Erinnyis ello
Hemaris gracilis
Hemaris diffinis

Amphion floridensis
Darapsa choerilus
Darapsa myron
Darapsa versicolor
Hyles gallii
Hyles lineata
Xylophanes tersa

There is a current table (already upgraded for Louisiana, Georgia, Alaska and Maryland) at 
that lists everything from USGS in way of Sphingidae.

None of the links are active, but the list will let you do a comparison.

Thanks for your time. Hope you can help!

Bill Oehlke
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