You evil bastards!

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--- "Kondla, Norbert FOR:EX" <Norbert.Kondla at> wrote:
> Hello Betty.  Your note is 1) intolerant, 2) offensive, 3)
> misguided and
> unhelpful, 4) incorrect.  Those of us who engage in lepidoptera
> study do not
> kill them by sticking pins in them.  Thank you for sharing your
> highly
> entertaining opinion. I will thank you to not refer to me as an
> evil
> bastard. 
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> Subject: You evil bastards!
> You people are really evil. You take poor sweet innocent
> butterflies and
> kill them by sticking pins in them.
> You evil cruel bastards!
> Betty Swallocks

Hi Betty, 

I enjoyed your post. I enjoyed Norbert's more, however. I am sure
since you wish to save Butterflies you have gone to the TILS site and
made a sizable donation for the Miami Blue Butterfly Restoration
Project. Ron, please advise. If you haven't (and why would I feel
that way?) please put your money where your mouth is. My friend from
Jamaica is sticking pins herself...into a doll of you!

One truly evil bastard,


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