Butterflies and Global Unity

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Dear Sir,
Greeting from India!
I have gone through your above-mentioned message and found it very
appealing, though it is not directly applicable to us but I feel
Insectlovers at heart are same people. So I thought of spreading your
message to my fellow beings also. I moderate and egroup christened
insectlovers at yahoogroups.com, I want to forward your message to my
members. Can I do that ? Please let me know.

Entomologically yours
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> Butterfly Proclaimed Symbol of Third Millennium
> Universal Declaration of Human Rights Gaining Awareness
> After the bombing of the World Trade Center in New York, the Pentagon
> in Washington DC, and the downing of a commercial airline in
> Pennsylvania, people are beginning to seek a different picture,
> another image if you will, a symbol of peace for this, the Third
> Millennium.
> Science has revealed the butterfly as a symbol tracing through all
> ancient family histories. In mathematics, the moment of revelation was
> the 22nd of May, 1998 when during a span of twenty-five minutes a
> 'Butterfly Nebula' appeared.
> In the last 5 years, mass butterfly releases have attracted tens of
> thousands of people to stadiums, fields, and convention centers around
> the country to witness a vision of peace, love, and friendship. The
> idea is to educate the public on the plight of local butterflies by
> reintroducing local indigenous herbs and such back into the community.
> "In Florida we are encouraging everyone to help in the project by
> planting a butterfly friendly plant on March 20th", stated Anne
> Kilmer, Viceroy, of the International Butterfly Coalition. Neil Jones,
> a leader among the Butterfly Conservation Society also agrees with Ms.
> Kilmer. Everyone can get involved and turn a portion of their yard
> into a mini-sanctuary for people and butterflies alike.
> One of the goals of the coalition is to bring peace and unity to help
> restore one of our worlds most beautiful creatures. The concept is to
> have the project decentralized so everyone can become part of the
> solution.
> A short poem associated with the vision is titled: Easter by Joyce
> Kilmer, killed in action - 30 July 1918 while trying to locate hostile
> machine-gun fire in the woods of the Burned Bridge, on the Oureq.
> For generations the butterfly has symbolized rebirth and renewal, the
> flight of the soul, and the ability to bring dreams to reality. Native
> Indian Legend states "If you desire a wish to come true - touch a
> butterfly, speak your vision, release it - and wait for the butterfly
> to return."
> We believe that from this day forward that 9/11 can be hereafter
> referred to as the 'Day of the Butterfly - Day of the Hero'.
> It is time to 'Change the Future'. We are 'United in Thought' and
> believe that future problems can be solved by active participation
> from all parties.
> 2002 -- Dates of Remembrance
> Islamic New Year
> 15 March 2002
> Muslims and People of Islam - Be ready to begin the New Year with the
> task of distributing butterfly plants. Clergy are asked to speak
> blessings on the butterflies.
> Celebration of Spring
> 20 Mar 2002
> Native peoples around the world are being asked to place a plant in
> the ground for a butterfly. Local nurseries and home improvement
> centers will have the plants in stock.
> Easter Sunday
> 1 Mar 2002
> Catholics, Protestants, and Independents alike! People of all faiths
> and beliefs are encouraged to bring three butterfly friendly plants to
> your place of worship on Easter Morning. One to plant, one to share,
> and one to take home. Clergy are encouraged to speak blessings on the
> plants.
> Billy Graham
> Christian Broadcasting Network
> Lutheran Brotherhood
> Southern Baptist Convention
> The Vatican
> Trinity Broadcasting Network
> Holocaust Days of Remembrance
> 7 April 2002 thru 14 April 2002
> Members of the Jewish community can honor the memory of the Holocaust
> by planting a butterfly plant in the name of their ancestors. Rabbis
> are encouraged to speak a special blessing to the vision of
> butterflies.
> Oklahoma Remembered
> 19 April 2002
> Remember this day by planting a butterfly shrub in the name of a
> victim.
> Earth Day
> 22 April 2002
> Help a butterfly on Earth Day and plant a butterfly bush.
> Arbor Day
> 26 April 2002
> Since 1872, the last Friday in April has been dedicated 'Arbor Day'.
> Communities are asked to celebrate Arbor Day by planting a tree that
> is friendly to butterflies.
> Butterfly Nebula
> 22 May 2002
> Five-year anniversary of the 'Butterfly Nebula' celebrated by giving a
> butterfly friendly plant to a loved one.
> Memorial Day
> 30 May 2002
> In honor of Memorial Day, people that have yet to sow a butterfly
> plant are encouraged to do so in remembrance of the fallen.
> Juneteenth
> 19 June 2002
> Juneteenth is the oldest known celebration for the ending of Negro
> slavery. Dating back to 1865, it was on June 19 that Union soldiers,
> led by Major General Gordan Granger, landed in Galveston, Texas
> declaring the news that the war is over and all slaves are now free.
> Horace Johnson of Portland, Oregon hopes that children from every
> culture will sow a seed for a butterfly and remember our ancestors
> during the violent age of slavery.
> NABA Butterfly Count
> 4 July 2002
> This is a great project for those who are interested in counting
> butterflies while at the lake, in the park or on a hike.
> Labor Day
> 2 Sept 2002
> Union members everywhere are encouraged to plant a butterfly friendly
> plant in an attitude of brotherhood.
> Landscape and Lepidoptera Conservation
> Butterfly Conservation's International Symposium
> 5 September 2002 thru 8 September 2002
> International Symposium organized as a series of thematic sessions and
> practitioner-based workshops covering a wide range of conservation
> related topics.
> The Day of Awakening - International Butterfly Release
> 11 Sept 2002
> People everywhere are encouraged to proclaim the 11th of September as
> the 'Day of Awakening', the 'Time of Renewal', and the 'Spirit of the
> Butterfly'.
> Restoring habitat is the only method in which to increase the number
> of butterflies we see flying freely in the air. Restoration of
> butterfly habitat will help more people see more butterflies.
> The document to be used for the awareness project is the Universal
> Declaration of Human Rights, originally conceived by Eleanor Roosevelt
> in 1947 after the atrocities of World War II. The Universal
> Declaration of Human Rights is presently accepted and proclaimed by
> members of the United Nations.
> The anniversary of 9/11 can be viewed not as a day of sorrow, but
> rather a new vision. A vision of 'Restoration, Recovery, and
> Rebuilding'. Participants all over the world can show their support by
> watching, releasing, and observing the ancient riddle of freedom, the
> butterfly.
> We must remind ourselves daily that we are all caterpillars seeking
> the moment we become butterflies. Metaphorically speaking that is.
> Schools, Organizations, and individuals seeking to aquire butterflies
> for release are encouraged to contact the International Butterfly
> Breeders Association.
> By helping people become aware of butterflies, we are helping to
> increase the awareness of other insect and animal species as well. We
> help our own survival by catching the vision of peace and proclaiming
> the freedom of a butterfly. When you imagine the butterfly must not
> only grow at tremendous amounts of speed but also withstand the
> elements of nature, including predators, and the like. Imagine a
> caterpillar keeping his mind but changing its body in a moment of
> time. The third and final phase in the cycle is the butterfly.
> With mass numbers of butterflies declining, as well as monarchs being
> decimated by acts of nature it is time we become participators to the
> solution rather than just spectators to the problem. If a small blue
> butterfly can overcome the obstacles of life, so can we as an
> intellectual species with a vision!
> 9/11 is the day the modern world saw the pain and suffering of the
> past. Let the anniversary of 9/11 become the day that we remember and
> join the hands of understanding. The understanding that children need
> a 'Sign of Hope'. Future generations are depending on us.
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> We need everyone to get involved and influence family, friends, and
> neighbors. Join with everyone and spread the word that 2002 is being
> proclaimed as the 'Year of the Butterfly'.
> Hans Schnauber | Senior Editor and Publisher
> http://nationalcityguide.net/city-guide/national-editor.html


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