Butterflies and Global Unity

Bob Parcelles,Jr. rjparcelles at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 17 13:23:25 EST 2002

--- "V.Shubhalaxmi" <atlasmoth at rediffmail.com> wrote:
> Dear Sir,
> Greeting from India!
> I have gone through your above-mentioned message and found it very
> appealing, though it is not directly applicable to us but I feel
> Insectlovers at heart are same people. So I thought of spreading
> your
> message to my fellow beings also. I moderate and egroup christened
> insectlovers at yahoogroups.com, I want to forward your message to my
> members. Can I do that ? Please let me know.
> Entomologically yours
> Ms. V.Shubhalaxmi
> Education Officer
> Bombay Natural History Society
> Conservation Education Centre
> Near Filmcity, Goregaon (East),
> Mumbai- 400065.
> Maharashtra, INDIA. 


You made it. You did it. "Butterflys for Peace" goes to the World
Stage. Lets hope it can help prevent the pending war between India
and Pakistan.



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"Change your thoughts and you change your world."
- Norman Vincent Peale

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