Betty is a fraud

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Sun Mar 17 13:55:33 EST 2002

"Betty" is a fraud. In fact this is probably a male "Troll". i.e someone trying to start arguments on the net. I say male because the name "Betty Swallocks" is a very crude joke. Digging around I find that it involves a British only slang term. Looking around Google it seems that Americans don't use the word.
(I don't either usually!)
It is deliberate Spoonerism (from  the Reverend Spooner who was in the habit of saying things like "The lord is a shoving leopard" when he means "Loving shepherd".)

Applying this to "Betty Swallocks" you get "Sweatty Ballocks"
i.e. Sweaty Testicles! My apologies for the crudity but it several
British English speakers have pointed it out in a more oblique manner and the Americans haven't realised. 

This kind of thing is typical of trolls. My view is that "Betty"
is, to use another spoonerism, a "shining wit". :-)

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