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--- Lyn <lyn_luney at> wrote:
> One of my sons is reluctant to produce any good school work, and
> has turned into a frightful headache for the family, despite
> being very intelligent and creative, and a good reader too.
> I‘ve tried other alternatives, with psychologists, and
> psychopedagoges, even private teachers, but nothing seems to work.
> Please, has anyone a suggestion to make?

> Lyn L.

My Dear Lyn,

I feel that you might have possibably joined the wrong list. For
sure, you posted the wrong type of message. Well, due to the high
state of anziety here at this time, due to ol' Betty Swallocks recent
posting and emotional letdown among list members, and because not
nearly enough butterflies are flying, and since I am one of the more
genteel of this group, and certainly have been told on more than one
occaision that I have compassion and a real (though I am very macho!)
sensitivety to women and their problems; let me try to help you and
your dear son. There are several remedies. I assume you have tried
kicking his butt. I prefer a belt but some people just use their
hands. Never, never use your fists or you will not have to worry
about HIS problems for a long time. If he is approaching puberty I
would have a talk with him and just let the hormones flow. But it
sounds that he might be a little young for that; therefore, I have
several solutions that I guarantee to work.

First keep him away from all types of psychologists, psychaitrists
and fellow travelers. These people are bad. They will mess up his
mind even worse than it is. As far as pedophiles they will REALLY
mess up his mind...especially those psycho ones you mentioned.

The next thing to do is get him Jeff Glassberg's book on Butterflies.
He has one for the east and one for the west. Why do I have a funny
feeling you are from California? Anyway, pick the right book and get
him a nice pair of close-focusing binoculars (I never said
butterflies were free, did I?). Now Jr. might be a watcher or he
might want to be a collector, or both. So he will need a nice
butterfly net, some cigar boxes, a killing jar (be careful what you
put in it and teach Jr. not to sniff the fumes), next (the fun part)
he needs some insect PINS. There are many sizes. Get some of all of
them. Who knows, he might get into little moths or blues! Then he
needs a little spreading board or two and a relaxing jar and he
probabably will be set to go. Oh, I almost forgot. Jeff's book has no
info on the collecting side of things. He will need the Opler book
also. Just call my friend at Nature's Focus, Dave, he will get the 10
or so books and all of the equipment (except the poison, you need to
get that locally) and Jr. will be ready. Make sure you place the
order with Dave because he rewards me with a bookmark every time I
send him some business.

Now as Jr. gets more involved and you take him all over California or
wherever, you are sure to get "hooked" on leps also. Dave can outfit
2 for almost the price of one. Just get extra pins. The next thing
you will want to do is plant a butterfly garden in your yard. Some of
us have no grass just butterfly gardens. They are really neat and
there are many excellent books to help you and Jr. in your new
hobby...Lepidoptery. Jeff even has tours to take you all all over to
see new species. Don't worry, you will learn all of the lingo like
taxon, genitalia and so on.

As you know by now there are internet groups where you can tell of
your experiences and learn from the experts. We experts are on
several of these. For right now the two of you will have all you can
handle with this one, beleive me. You can get every viewpoint under
the sun and Jr. will learn the scepticism necessary to be a real
scientist like Uncle Paul, Uncle Bob, Uncle Marc and Pastor Ron. You
will learn the importance of Monarch's and how most lepidopterists
like them (Uncle Paul hates them). You will learn how we save
butterflies when we are not out out stuffing them in our jars so we
can pin them. 

So Lyn, this is the entire game plan. The whole ball of wax. The big 
skinny. If ever you need any more advice just post to Leps-List. we
are here to serve.

Remmber, the family that butterflies together...stays together.

Your new butterfly friend,

Uncle Bob

PS: We use butterflies at weddings, funerals and bar mitzvahs. They
are really great for Peace too!

Bob Parcelles, Jr
Pinellas Park, FL
RJP Associates, C2M-BWPTi
rjparcelles at
"Change your thoughts and you change your world."
- Norman Vincent Peale

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