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> --- Lyn <lyn_luney at> wrote:
> > One of my sons is reluctant to produce any good school work, and
> > has turned into a frightful headache for the family, despite
> > being very intelligent and creative, and a good reader too.
> > I&#8216;ve tried other alternatives, with psychologists, and
> > psychopedagoges, even private teachers, but nothing seems to work.
> > Please, has anyone a suggestion to make?
> > Lyn L.
> My Dear Lyn,
> I feel that you might have possibably joined the wrong list. For
> sure, you posted the wrong type of message. Well, due to the high
> state of anziety here at this time, due to ol' Betty Swallocks recent
> posting and emotional letdown among list members, and because not
> nearly enough butterflies are flying, and since I am one of the more
> genteel of this group, and certainly have been told on more than one
> occaision that I have compassion and a real (though I am very macho!)
> sensitivety to women and their problems; let me try to help you and
> your dear son. There are several remedies. I assume you have tried
> kicking his butt. I prefer a belt but some people just use their
> hands. Never, never use your fists or you will not have to worry
> about HIS problems for a long time. If he is approaching puberty I
> would have a talk with him and just let the hormones flow. But it
> sounds that he might be a little young for that; therefore, I have
> several solutions that I guarantee to work.
> First keep him away from all types of psychologists, psychaitrists
> and fellow travelers. These people are bad. They will mess up his
> mind even worse than it is. As far as pedophiles they will REALLY
> mess up his mind...especially those psycho ones you mentioned.
> The next thing to do is get him Jeff Glassberg's book on Butterflies.
> He has one for the east and one for the west. Why do I have a funny
> feeling you are from California? Anyway, pick the right book and get
> him a nice pair of close-focusing binoculars (I never said
> butterflies were free, did I?). Now Jr. might be a watcher or he
> might want to be a collector, or both. So he will need a nice
> butterfly net, some cigar boxes, a killing jar (be careful what you
> put in it and teach Jr. not to sniff the fumes), next (the fun part)
> he needs some insect PINS. There are many sizes. Get some of all of
> them. Who knows, he might get into little moths or blues! Then he
> needs a little spreading board or two and a relaxing jar and he
> probabably will be set to go. Oh, I almost forgot. Jeff's book has no
> info on the collecting side of things. He will need the Opler book
> also. Just call my friend at Nature's Focus, Dave, he will get the 10
> or so books and all of the equipment (except the poison, you need to
> get that locally) and Jr. will be ready. Make sure you place the
> order with Dave because he rewards me with a bookmark every time I
> send him some business.
> Now as Jr. gets more involved and you take him all over California or
> wherever, you are sure to get "hooked" on leps also. Dave can outfit
> 2 for almost the price of one. Just get extra pins. The next thing
> you will want to do is plant a butterfly garden in your yard. Some of
> us have no grass just butterfly gardens. They are really neat and
> there are many excellent books to help you and Jr. in your new
> hobby...Lepidoptery. Jeff even has tours to take you all all over to
> see new species. Don't worry, you will learn all of the lingo like
> taxon, genitalia and so on.
> As you know by now there are internet groups where you can tell of
> your experiences and learn from the experts. We experts are on
> several of these. For right now the two of you will have all you can
> handle with this one, beleive me. You can get every viewpoint under
> the sun and Jr. will learn the scepticism necessary to be a real
> scientist like Uncle Paul, Uncle Bob, Uncle Marc and Pastor Ron. You
> will learn the importance of Monarch's and how most lepidopterists
> like them (Uncle Paul hates them). You will learn how we save
> butterflies when we are not out out stuffing them in our jars so we
> can pin them. 
> So Lyn, this is the entire game plan. The whole ball of wax. The big 
> skinny. If ever you need any more advice just post to Leps-List. we
> are here to serve.
> Remmber, the family that butterflies together...stays together.
> Your new butterfly friend,
> Uncle Bob
> PS: We use butterflies at weddings, funerals and bar mitzvahs. They
> are really great for Peace too!


Someone talked to me very enthusiastically about a book "Learning how
to learn", in which apparently, many problems that teachers and pupils
face constantly, seem to be easily explained away. I was interested
and I got the book and read it. Frankly, the results are excellent: I
have applied it in many of my courses, and pupils are already showing
noticeable improvement in their production. Why not try it on your

Paul M

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