Anyone in AZ have a generator & MV?

Doug Yanega dyanega at
Wed Mar 20 16:33:58 EST 2002

Hi. I'll be passing through Phoenix Friday, then driving down from 
Tucson to Hermosillo. Since it won't be in an airplane, I'll be able 
to bring a portable generator and MV rig - but since I'm flying out 
to Phoenix, I won't be able to take mine on the plane, meaning I need 
to borrow one from someone out there in AZ. I'll be down in 
Hermosillo and Puerto Libertad from Saturday through next Wednesday, 
doing general collecting (yes, I do have a permit). If there's anyone 
who could part with their collecting rig for those few days, and hook 
up with me in either Phoenix or Tucson on Friday, I'd be happy to 
give them essentially all the leps I get - I'm after mostly 
Hymenoptera and some Coleoptera. Please contact me off-list to see if 
we can work out the details.


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