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Chip Taylor chip at
Thu Mar 21 14:26:56 EST 2002

>To members of the list:
>I received in the (real) mail this morning a large yellow postcard
>regarding Mr. Cherubini and his alleged deceptions involving the use of
>various internet identities to harrass "Ph. D. scientists".
>The card does not call for the recipient to DO anything, so I am not
>sure what its purpose is. But surprisingly for a message warning of
>deception this provides no information about the identity of is author.
>The postmark is "Columbia P&DF MO"
>Does anyone have any additional information about this mailing?

Robert Dana, Ph.D.

Yes, and no. The message implies that the email addresses given on 
the card are aliases used by Paul. I have known Paul to use aliases 
but none of those known to me are on the card. Unfortunately, many of 
the addresses are those of individuals who are legitimate 
contributors to Dplex-l and perhaps other lists. Most of these people 
do not share Paul's views and two people I've communicated with are 
very disturbed at this development. This is clearly a smear campaign 
but the message contains erroneous information which targets people 
inappropriately. Smear campaigns can have adverse and unintended 
consequences for the innocent which could result in legal action. 
Irrespective of one's regard for Paul, and I am anything but one of 
his supporters, this practice should stop. Nothing good can come of 
this. If people want to isolate Paul, they should ignore him. Attacks 
of this sort could give him more credibility among some and not less 
as is intended.

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