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Thu Mar 21 13:04:09 EST 2002

Robert - I have some honest questions.

What is the actual text of this post card?  Can you relay it to us?

Does the card say "alleged" in relation to the purported activity of Paul?
In fact does it say "Paul Cherubini" or just "Cherubini" (there are
probably lots of Cherubinis in this world).  If it says things about him
specifically and as facts, this would surely constitute defamation,
slander, and liable.  It might also come under some type of postal
(federal) criminal act.  Some misuse of the mails to spread fraudulent

Does the card spell out what the harrassment is - of what nature?

I too find it odd that the card is anonymous.  I would think that even
Paul's detractors would agree that the accusation does not fit Paul's MO.
He is about as up-front as one gets.


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> To members of the list:
> I received in the (real) mail this morning a large yellow postcard
> regarding Mr. Cherubini and his alleged deceptions involving the use of
> various internet identities to harrass "Ph. D. scientists".
> The card does not call for the recipient to DO anything, so I am not
> sure what its purpose is. But surprisingly for a message warning of
> deception this provides no information about the identity of is author.
> The postmark is "Columbia P&DF MO"
> Does anyone have any additional information about this mailing?
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