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Thu Mar 21 16:30:11 EST 2002

Bob Parcelles,Jr. wrote:

> Hmmmmm! Paul does have a contempt for PhDs...but many on this list
> appear to. He does have an agenda or so it appears. but to falsely
> use aliases on the internet...No I can not beleive this of Paul,
> no,no, no. Besides he would have to be a...female impersonator as the
> last two ladies were on thiis not you Anne! I am thinking
> of Swallocks and Luney. 

I am, too, a female impersonator ... always have been. Little ladies do 
not climb trees, lest they tear their pretty dresses.
However, I am not Paul Cherubini. Patrick might be, although his son 
Colin seems to believe in him.
Paul might have sent out those postcards himself, hoping to send the 
Apple of Discord speeding through our ranks once more. After the 
knee-jerk reactions we all came up with in response to Betty's 
challenge, it would take a considerable annoyance to stir us all up.
Even the PhD scientists might not want to jump into another brangle 
quite so soon.

I find the notion of a secret conspiracy among Paul's alter-egos ... entertaining. 

And why is the postcard yellow? Something sinister here, I think. Did 
you taste it? Might it be poisoned?
Sadly, I received no postcard. But there is a wasp nest on a palm frond 
next to my front porch, so I have not been totally neglected by the 
Forces of Chaos.
Most of us here invent ourselves continually, but there seems to be an 
internal consistency nevertheless.

Meanwhile, I am about to order a dozen assorted Giant Swallowtails, as I 
am tired of watching the attempts at miscegenation among the Zebra 
longwings and my single swallowtail. As I feel personally responsible 
for the happiness and fulfillment of this bug, I begin to believe that I 
should arrange a dating service. But ... is it a lady or a gentleman?
It seems the aggressor in the attempted liaisons with the Heliconias, 
but I don't know how forward a young lady swallowtail might be, in the 
presence of suitable host plants.

But seriously, folks ... people in the West Palm Beach area would 
probably enjoy Jan Everett's lecture on butterflies, 7 p.m. at the 
Clayton Hutchinson Building in the Mounts Botanical Garden. She'll be 
introducing Butterflies for Peace, and touching upon the Miami Blue 
Butterfly recovery plan, among other topics.
Paul Cherubini might possibly be there, in disguise.
Anne Kilmer
Butterfly Coalition

> Hmmm! what ever happended to the lady of dark humor fame....she has
> been silent after starting all of that hub bub including a full scale
> investigation by the listowner. Well just emerged from that one
> unscathed by the skin of our teeth. 
> What we could do is have a posting so we can all have our very own
> list of the phonies on the post card. But to blame all of thuis on
> Paul who values freedom, truth and unbroken limbs too much, no it
> would take more than an anonymous post card in order for me to
> beleive such a thing!
> I am sure the good Ron Gatrelle an excellent judge of character, will
> have much to say about this. Some nerve! Now I wonder if any of you
> are for real.
> bob
> --- Robert Dana <robert.dana at> wrote:
>>To members of the list:
>>I received in the (real) mail this morning a large yellow postcard
>>regarding Mr. Cherubini and his alleged deceptions involving the
>>use of
>>various internet identities to harrass "Ph. D. scientists".
>>The card does not call for the recipient to DO anything, so I am
>>sure what its purpose is. But surprisingly for a message warning of
>>deception this provides no information about the identity of is
>>The postmark is "Columbia P&DF MO"
>>Does anyone have any additional information about this mailing?
>>Robert Dana, Ph.D.
>>Natural Heritage and Nongame Research Program
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>>651 297-2367
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