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On Thursday 21 March 2002 07:51 pm, Bob Parcelles,Jr. wrote:
> Hmmmmm! Paul does have a contempt for PhDs...but many on this list
> appear to. He does have an agenda or so it appears. but to falsely
> use aliases on the internet...No I can not beleive this of Paul,
> no,no, no. Besides he would have to be a...female impersonator as the
> last two ladies were on thiis not you Anne! I am thinking
> of Swallocks and Luney.

I have little information on the veracity of the email addresses on the 
infamous yellow postcard.  I have no evidence that those I have seen from the
card that have been posted here are anything other than real people. If 
someone were to send me the full list then I could analyse them.  (Of course 
this card isn't the way to do things. That goes without saying.)

It is however, a matter of record that Dr Chip Taylor unsubscribed a number 
of  Cherubini aliases from the Dplex-l list. This was after Mr Cherubini was 
expelled from that list for attacking a young scientist's integrity with one 
of his conspiracy theories. This was after a long history of complaints.  (He 
frequently copies stuff from that list here so I must be still getting it 

I have analysed my archive of the Dplex-l list and I can confirm that Dr 
Taylor's analysis  of the true origin of the messages concerned is correct. 
For obvious reasons I won't discuss how I do this but I think I have 
demonstrated that I do know how in the past.

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