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Is Paul Cherubini itself an alias for someone else? Does Paul Cherubini
really exist? Is he a dreamed up fiction by someone attempting to put
something over on us?

Ladies, Gents

Is cabin fever still rampant over there?  Do I detect the slow downward
spiral into entomological institutional paranoia.  Was I the only
entomologist one to be suddenly unfrightened when the alien mind controll
beast on the x-files was revealed to be a giant mealworm larvae?. Will
hundreds of analysts start dreaming of ghost written film scripts when
clients start mentioning genitalia dissections.  Is the Miami Blue really
blue, or is this just a well orchestrated disinformation campaign by a
boring brown butterfly. Any more of this and we'll be into the 'big black
helicopters - Bilderburg Group - Paul Cherubini conspiracy theory' while
foiling plans to release thousands on migratorialy confused, GM-immune evil
monarch butterflies simulatneously at 10,000 wedding events round the

Paul (if you really are out there), keep up the stick poking, the
occasional bit of critique never did any scientific investigation any harm.

As for the rest of you, the best I can do is quote from a well known
British psychiatry text:

'For Gods sake man!! (slap), pull yourself together!'



(thankfully several thousand miles away from 'yellow postcards' 


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