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Anne Kilmer viceroy at
Sat Mar 23 12:43:41 EST 2002

Patrick Foley wrote:

> Lepsters one and all (assuming there are more than one),
> Friday I also received the yellow post card. Mine is post dated 18 March 2002
> from Columbia, Missouri, and appears to have the same text as previously
> described on this list. I do not know personally any of the names on the list,
> although a few names seem familiar, and three are occasional contributors to
> this list:
> Rudy Benavides <rbenavid at> (8 posts on the L Gall site)
> Elisa Collins <jlygrnmigt at> (5 posts)
> Chuck Steer <dsw2364 at> (2 posts)
> 15 other names do not appear on the Gall site.
> I pass on this information, not because I know it to be true, but because I
> would want to know if I were on the list of aliases.
> Solipsistic in NoCal,
> Patrick Foley

Well, we are all one in the Lord, of course, but I'm pretty sure that 
Rudy and Paul are different people. And I'm pretty sure that Ron isn't 
me, because he knows more about bugs than I think I do.
As for Patrick, he might very well be me, as he appears to have some 
Irish leanings, and Colin is one of my favorite names; I might very well 
have named a son Colin, and perhaps I did.
I can't wait to check the mailbox and see whether at least I got the 
yellow postcard.
Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean that everybody isn't out to 
get you.
Lemme just slip into this haz-mat suit and I'll go check.
Anne Kilmer
South Florida

> Ron Gatrelle wrote:
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>>Sent: Saturday, March 23, 2002 1:07 AM
>>Subject: Re: anonymous mailing
>>>I hope Paul and other readers know that I, and others who have joked on
>>>this subject, are only doing so in good natured fun and it is not
>>>intended as an attack on him or his ideas (as much as I may disagree
>>>with some of them). Before I post something like I just did, I try to
>>>imagine how I would react if I were at the other end. I felt I would
>>>find it humerous and not objectionable, and I hope Paul did also
>>>(assuming a 'Paul Cherubini' really exists...). So far only one person
>>>has received the yellow card - correct?
>>>Well, off to the mountains for two days.
>>Perhaps the "Yellow Card" does not exist!  Perhaps the two individuals who
>>have said they received it are co-conspirators in a larger plot to divert
>>attention away from the successful, massive and unhindered northward
>>migrations of non-Green Card possessing Mexican Monarchs!!!   Perhaps,
>>despite what the Weather Channel says, spring has not actually arrived and
>>lepinoia is now realizing that a beautiful spring is a terrible thing to
>>waste indoors.   After hitting 87 a few days ago we may actually have frost
>>tonight.  Something is definitely going on.  But what?  Or, is who the
>>better question?   Has anyone ever noticed that we never see a post from
>>Paul and Neil come it at exactly the same time?   Perhaps they are two
>>parts of the same Lego - a multi-personality Lepo.  Come to think of it,
>>none of my posts have come in simultaneously with anyone's -- Perhaps I do
>>not exist!
>>E-gad, I-eee, shazam.  I AM ANNE!!!  No, I am Jeff Glassberg!!!  I would
>>thus, like to officially state - especially for Leroy's benefit - that I
>>and NABA whole heartedly support collecting as many butterfly specimens as
>>possible - but only those in nocturnal trans-Atlantic migrations.
>>Go Kent State - whoever you are.


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