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Patrick Foley patfoley at
Sat Mar 23 11:17:12 EST 2002

Lepsters one and all (assuming there are more than one),

Friday I also received the yellow post card. Mine is post dated 18 March 2002
from Columbia, Missouri, and appears to have the same text as previously
described on this list. I do not know personally any of the names on the list,
although a few names seem familiar, and three are occasional contributors to
this list:
Rudy Benavides <rbenavid at> (8 posts on the L Gall site)
Elisa Collins <jlygrnmigt at> (5 posts)
Chuck Steer <dsw2364 at> (2 posts)

15 other names do not appear on the Gall site.

I pass on this information, not because I know it to be true, but because I
would want to know if I were on the list of aliases.

Solipsistic in NoCal,
Patrick Foley

Ron Gatrelle wrote:

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> Sent: Saturday, March 23, 2002 1:07 AM
> Subject: Re: anonymous mailing
> > I hope Paul and other readers know that I, and others who have joked on
> > this subject, are only doing so in good natured fun and it is not
> > intended as an attack on him or his ideas (as much as I may disagree
> > with some of them). Before I post something like I just did, I try to
> > imagine how I would react if I were at the other end. I felt I would
> > find it humerous and not objectionable, and I hope Paul did also
> > (assuming a 'Paul Cherubini' really exists...). So far only one person
> > has received the yellow card - correct?
> >
> > Well, off to the mountains for two days.
> > Stan
> >
> Perhaps the "Yellow Card" does not exist!  Perhaps the two individuals who
> have said they received it are co-conspirators in a larger plot to divert
> attention away from the successful, massive and unhindered northward
> migrations of non-Green Card possessing Mexican Monarchs!!!   Perhaps,
> despite what the Weather Channel says, spring has not actually arrived and
> lepinoia is now realizing that a beautiful spring is a terrible thing to
> waste indoors.   After hitting 87 a few days ago we may actually have frost
> tonight.  Something is definitely going on.  But what?  Or, is who the
> better question?   Has anyone ever noticed that we never see a post from
> Paul and Neil come it at exactly the same time?   Perhaps they are two
> parts of the same Lego - a multi-personality Lepo.  Come to think of it,
> none of my posts have come in simultaneously with anyone's -- Perhaps I do
> not exist!
> E-gad, I-eee, shazam.  I AM ANNE!!!  No, I am Jeff Glassberg!!!  I would
> thus, like to officially state - especially for Leroy's benefit - that I
> and NABA whole heartedly support collecting as many butterfly specimens as
> possible - but only those in nocturnal trans-Atlantic migrations.
> Go Kent State - whoever you are.
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