Costa Rican mystery butterflies

Richard Seaman r_seaman at
Sat Mar 23 17:34:09 EST 2002


I was down in Costa Rica at the start of the year and took a couple of
photos of butterflies which I haven't been able to identify:

The first one, to the left of the ruddy daggerwing, looks like some
other type of daggerwing to me.  It was at Hacienda Baru on the
southern Pacific Coast.

The other one was at much higher elevation, at the high end of the
village San Gerardo de Dota, near Cerro de la Muerte.  As you can see
I got shots of the tops and undersides of the wings, but none of the
books or websites I've consulted have anything like it.

If you have any idea what they are, could you drop me a line at
r_seaman at




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