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Sat Mar 23 21:19:20 EST 2002

I also received the same card in S. Calif on Friday.


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	Lepsters one and all (assuming there are more than one),

	Friday I also received the yellow post card. Mine is post dated 18
March 2002
	from Columbia, Missouri, and appears to have the same text as
	described on this list. I do not know personally any of the names on
the list,
	although a few names seem familiar, and three are occasional
contributors to
	this list:
	Rudy Benavides <rbenavid at> (8 posts on the L Gall site)
	Elisa Collins <jlygrnmigt at> (5 posts)
	Chuck Steer <dsw2364 at> (2 posts)

	15 other names do not appear on the Gall site.

	I pass on this information, not because I know it to be true, but
because I
	would want to know if I were on the list of aliases.

	Solipsistic in NoCal,
	Patrick Foley



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