anonymous mailing

Stan Gorodenski stanlep at
Sun Mar 24 16:52:38 EST 2002

First, I assume you are the real 'Paul Cherubini', although you have not
said so. 

Second, I question the use of the term 'healthy'. Without knowing the
actual cause(s) of the increased numbers and how it compares to prior
years beyond last year, can it be termed 'healthy'?

Third, I doubt most of the citizens of Texas (at least 99%) are glued to
the news waiting to find out the demise of the Monarch. I doubt they
care and so it boils down to 'so what'? And even if 99.999% don't care
does this mean others should not care either? I don't think so.

Fourth, Mike Quinn qualified his statement "Hopefully it will come back.
But we'll be on pins and needles for awhile." What was he supposed to
have said, something like, "We are absolutely certain there will be no
adverse impact on the Monarch"? Wouldn't this be untruthful? I think it
would. The citizens of Texas already know, from Mike's statement, there
is some uncertainty surrounding the prediction of an adverse future of
the Monarch.

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