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Mike Quinn ento at satx.rr.com
Sun Mar 24 17:01:21 EST 2002

Prior to last Fall's Monarch migration into Texas, Texas Parks and Wildlife
sent out a press release saying that that the numbers predicted to pass
through Texas shortly would be at near record numbers. (Hardly doom and
gloom...) The following cities ran a positive story along those lines:
Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Houston, Beaumont, Killeen, and
Waco. Other cities may have as well. The reports from volunteers across the
state suggested that the numbers from the Fall 2001 migration were healthy
but probably not at record levels...

Prior to the Spring 2002 migration we sent out a release where I predicted
low numbers of Monarchs would be returning. As far as I know, Fort Worth was
the only paper to carry a story with our low return prediction.

I've been swamped with all the many reports (over 50) we received was week,
but I will write a press release noting the numerous reports we've been
getting. Whether any papers will choose to print it is of course up to them.
As for our on-line volunteers, I was at the office until 9pm on Friday night
posting a message to them saying that we were seeing a strong Spring

Hope this helps... Mike

Mike Quinn
Invertebrate Biologist
Wildlife Diversity Branch
Texas Parks & Wildlife
Phone: 512-912-7059
mike.quinn at tpwd.state.tx.us

Texas Monarch Watch Hotline
1-512-326-2231 (in Austin) or
1-800-468-9719 (voice of Bill Calvert)

Texas Monarch Watch (est. 1993)

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However, will all this good news about the healthy spring migration
in Texas ever be relayed to the general public?  I doubt it.
All the citizens of Texas have ever heard are doom and gloom
predictions in media reports like this one:



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